Dr. Cuterus uses her Instagram to spread awareness about all things sex and busts myths around sexual health.

How many times have you found yourself on Google typing things like, ‘Where is the g spot? Why is my pee burning? Does smoking cause low sperm count? How do I increase the size of my boobs?’ We’re often too embarrassed to discuss these things with family or friends and most of us are either unaware that we can talk to a doctor to get clarity about sexual health or are afraid of judgment. Sex has been such a taboo in society that the mere mention of it has people looking in all directions out of awkwardness and embarrassment, you and I included.

Today, content creators like Dr. Cuterus are addressing these very taboos by spreading awareness about all things sexual health and helping you with information that you can rely on so you don’t find yourself on a public forum or Google answers again. Dr. Tanaya aka Dr. Cuterus is using her Instagram to bust myths around sexual health by creating content on abortion, whether masturbation causes acne, when to get a pregnancy test after unprotected sex, PCOS vs PCOD. She addresses the most basic things that we have absolutely no information on because sexual health isn’t a topic most schools covered in depth.

These posts on her IG have all the answers you’ve been looking for! Check them out!

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