The multifaceted Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi talks about thriving during the pandemic

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Check out our latest interaction with ENT Surgeon Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi who is also a talented comedian, author and medical innovator!

An ENT Surgeon, medical device innovator, author and also a comedian, Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi has established himself well in all the fields he set his foot upon. He was trained at St. Johns Bangalore, has been a fellow of Stanford-India Biodesign and also holds an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship and Hospital Management. As a comedian, Dr. Chaturvedi has 126k subscribers on YouTube. Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi is the author of four books and to add to his accomplishments, he is currently the Founder and Director of HiiiH Innovations Private Limited.

Take a look at our interaction with Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi:

  1. How are you dealing with the quarantine?

"As an ENT surgeon, I am occupied by spending time seeing patients through Telemedicine or respond to their questions through our helpline we have created for those in Quarantine (+91 9740076668). In addition to that, I spend a good amount of time with my family. Having a four-year-old son and a 2-month-old daughter keeps me both busy and entertained all the time.

I have started some new initiatives during this lockdown that helps me use my time effectively. I've started a new online healthcare entrepreneurship course through an app called HiiiH. I conduct webinars for those who have enrolled for the 20-hour long course spread over 2 months. 

I have also started daily entertainment news on corona called Times of Corona where I bring daily updates through comedy and entertainment. "

  1. As a medical professional, can you tell us why it is important for people to stay calm during these testing times?

"It is very important to continue social distancing either during or even after lockdown for at least 3 months. This basically means keep a 6 feet distance and wear a mask when in public places and washing hands after touching items that may be touched by many people. This will break the chain of spread as most people are turning out to have no symptoms despite having COVID19. 

Keeping calm is key as this is going to be a long term effort and most activities can be resumed without breaking the norms of social distancing. We will need to adapt and find new ways to resume our work, and this will be vital to keep ourselves calm, else we may get stressed, frustrated and forced to take steps that may lead to further spread of the disease. "

  1. Can you tell us what made you create the Main Corona Virus Hoon video?

"As a comedian, I understand that entertainment is widely shared. At the same time, as a Doctor I also understand that didactic and boring information is not widely shared. So, I thought of marrying medical information through comedy and entertainment. This way it could reach more people, and when I made the video on Corona, it did reach large masses of people mainly on WhatsApp. "

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  1. What has been the reaction of people to the video?

"A majority of people have really appreciated the video saying it's a very effective way to spread information. Especially it's not scary and gives the right message through entertainment. There were a few who wrote saying diseases should not be made fun of and there is a time and place for a joke. But upon some discussions, they did agree that information reaches more people through comedy and it reached them because of the comedy nature of the content in itself. 

The popularity of the first video prompted me to release many more after that on the virus, mask usage, severity of the disease, myths, etc. I now release daily infotainment news on corona called Times of Corona. "

  1. How do you think this lockdown is going to affect people's lifestyles once they can resume routine?

"I think the first couple of weeks after lockdown is lifted is going to be crucial as there may be rebound traffic, rush to barber shops, the crowd in public transport, etc. Thereafter I think things will resume if the initial rebound doesn't cause a second wave or sudden spike. 

In terms of lifestyle, I think work from home will be more prevalent in most IT sectors for at least a year or more and healthcare consultations will shift largely to telemedicine. Online courses and many aspects of schooling may become online too. Apart from this, more adherence to cleanliness and mask usage may prevail."

  1. Any tips for people to remain physically and mentally healthy as we all get through this?

"I think the biggest reason for stress is unable to carry out their routine work and fitness-related activities. Newer ways will need to be thought of to adapt and change. That way, the same activities can be carried out at home or through an online medium. Once close to normal routine and income resumes, the majority of the stress should come down."

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