Payal Tadvi’s alleged suicide has sparked discussions on Twitter with users sharing their experiences and thoughts on caste discrimination.

On May 22, Dr Payal Tadvi, a post-graduate gynaecology student at Mumbai’s Nair Hospital reportedly committed suicide. It has been alleged by her family that this was due to the constant harassment she faced at the hands of her seniors, at the core of which was her caste identity. The three accused in the case, Dr Ankita Khandelwal, Dr Hema Ahuja, and Dr Bhakti Mehere have been remanded in police custody. They are accused of harassing and passing casteist comments on Dr Payal Tadvi. Here’s a glimpse into the different facets of how the Twitterverse reacted to the case.

Protest demonstrations in the city

Maharashtra Women commission takes action

People share experiences and react to caste discrimination

Some took to questioning and discussing the caste aspect of the case

It is sad that even in 2019, we are seeing cases of people committing suicide due to discrimination. It is scarier to think that this is being inflicted by some of the highly educated individuals of our society. We pray that Dr Payal Tadvi’s soul rests in peace and that we don’t encounter such cases in the future.