Dr Sharvari Inamdar is shredding stereotypes while lifting 'em weights

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Dr Sharvari Inamdar is shredding stereotypes while lifting 'em weights

In another casual video, Dr Sharvari Inamdar shut up stereotypes as she showed the world that working out in a saree is not a big deal.

Saree not saree, our Indian women are breaking some serious misconceptions and we are in total awe. We have all known for a long time now that there is nothing that women can't do. Just saying it and actually watching them slay it is totally different and worth it. Saree is something that one would never think of when talking about working out. The 9 yards somehow still doesn't seem as a good outfit choice when it comes to sweating it out at the gym. But Dr Sharvari Inamdar is proving it wrong and we are happy about it.

Dr Sharvari shared a video of her working out in a saree while we cannot even pick up the pencil from the floor without hurting our back. From lifting weights to doing push-ups to bench pressing, Dr Sharvari did everything and left us with our jaws hanging on the floor. Her videos are inspiring enough to get our butts out of bed and start using the 30 days workout regime app on our phones that we have had for ages. It's time we take inspiration from her and do our bit.

Take a look:

We are still not over her videos. What do you think?

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