Drishyam franchise to be remade in South Korea with Parasite actor Song Kang-Ho as the lead!

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Drishyam franchise

After being remade in several Indian languages already, Drishyam franchise has now been picked up to be remade in Korean as well!

Ever since the Hallyu Wave took over the world, India included of course, it has made the Indian audience resonate with K-dramas/K-Pop because of the similarities it has with our culture and movies. Which is why recent and popular K-dramas like Business Proposal and Suspicious Partner are being remade in India so it reaches more people. Now it only made sense to go vice-versa as well because just like Korean content is famous in India, Indian content too is widely consumed in South Korea. It was announced a few days back at the Indian Pavilion during the on-going Cannes Film Festival that the cult classic Drishyam franchise will be remade in Korean and this makes it the first piece of Indian content to be remade in the language. The original film was directed by Jeetu Joseph in Malayalam and starred Mohanlal and Meena. The story proved to be interesting enough for the audience to be made in several other Indian languages, Hindi included, which starred Ajay Devgn and Tabu and became insanely popular. So it’s not a surprise that it caught attention internationally as well. 

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This is a collaboration between Kumar Rangat Pathak, Head of Indian Panorama Studios and Jay Choi, Head of Anthology Studios. Both of them were present at the Indian Pavilion while breaking this news to the world. According to reports, the production of the film will begin in the first half of next year and Parasite, Broker and Taxi Driver fame Song Kang-Ho will be helming the franchise. It will be exciting to see India and Korea uniting when it comes to making content and how the audience from both the countries will react to it. 

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