It’s a Saturday evening, what could be better than getting your girls and hanging out, right? Turns out, you can’t even do that now without getting abused! Yes, you read it right. Andheri saw this disgusting incident last Saturday.

Ashmita Jaggi and her friends decided to go to San Churros, next to Citi Mall in the Andheri suburbs on 18th November. Little did they know, their evening was about to get spoiled due to some drunken men over a parking spot! According to her Facebook post, Jaggi and her friends reached the location and asked the lady driver of the car behind them to reverse a little because it was occupying the space of 2 spots. The lady was apparently waiting for her boys to get back.

Enter Romy Kohli and his friend Bunty who were heavily drunk at 8 pm. Firstly, Romy got in the driver’s seat in that condition, and secondly, he banged Ashmita’s car from behind! The guy was so high, he didn’t budge from behind the steering even after his friends apologized. Rather the guys started hurling abuses and displaying obscene gestures towards them. Their audacity led them to threaten the girls to do so much more. Have a look:

Romy Kohli and his friend Bunty were Pissed Drunk at 8 PM on a Saturday evening and Chose to hurl abuses, use offensive gestures and even repeatedly bang my car in the heart of the Andheri suburbs, next to Citi Mall, outside San Churros … All over a car Parking !! Let me Explain this scene in Detail It was a Saturday evening when me and my girl besties planned to catch up for some chocolate indulgence at San churros. I picked up my 2 girlfriends and we reached the location. There was a parking spot available and there was this Red EON Hyundai right behind us which was occupying the space of 2 parking spots. One of my friends got down and requested the women sitting in the driver's seat to reverse a little so that we can park our car She was irritated and said she's waiting for her "Boys" to get in… it will just be a minute. Me and my bestie patiently waited while our other friends caught up outside and headed to San churros to get a table. After 10 mins I witness from my rear view mirror a heavy man waddling his way to the driver's seat. He in slow mo starts the car…reverses his car with a big Jerk and before I know it he "Bangs" into my car from behind… I get out of the car and Yell so that he can hear me that ' You are clearly Drunk and you've just Banged my car …. Wake up… Let someone else drive' While I'm saying this 1 sardar and his other friend Bunty come to me and start apologizing for the hit. I calm my nerves somehow and get back into my car… take it a little ahead… But Mr Drunk Romy sir doesn't Budge… He refuses to move from the driver's seat. I'm scared he's either going to bash my car again or maybe kill someone else on the road cz of his drunken state. So I tell these guys standing next to my car, who were apologizing a minute ago, to get someone sober to drive… However cz they too were horribly DRUNK they chose to start hurling abuses.. bang my car…Show offensive Gestures and threaten us to harm us much more. We immediately informed the police… took recording of the harrassment and I stood my ground refusing to leave cz I knew I was right. This continued for a good half an our or so and because it was a busy hour and the heart of Andheri west there was a crowd of 50-60 people who became witnesses to this horrid scene. All these spectators kept urging us to leave cz we were all Girls and these idiots were drunks who were capable of harming us more. So to save ourselves we had to leave!! Is this the #maximum Mumbai we are becoming!!??? We aren't safe in our own area of residence?? Is this the meaning of being a Civilized city!!??? #savemumbai #saveourcity #mumbaipolice …P.S – The man who isn't able to stand straight and is leaning on his car is Mr Romy Kohli and sadly is actually from New Delhi driving around in a car which had its insurance done in 2016 !! Evidence coming out in next post.

Posted by Ashmita Jaggi on Sunday, 18 November 2018

The sad part is, everyone’s solution was to urge the girls to leave since the guys were drunk. And it would be ‘unsafe’ for them as the guys could harm them more. So to sum up, they didn’t think it would be wiser to get the guys away from the scene. Here’s another clip from the disturbing incident:

Some more Evidence of us being harrassed and Mr Romy Kohli Not allowing Sober man to drive his car. Well Done Mr Romy and Bunty… I really hope and wish you'll "Get Well Soon"

Posted by Ashmita Jaggi on Sunday, 18 November 2018

Ashmita informed about the scene immediately to the police and recorded it. The incident is being widely shared on social media.