Check out 10 on-screen Dulquer Salman characters that have played out well enough for the audiences to resonate and connect with them.

Indian cinema is known for its number of movies made every year throughout different languages. Over the years the audience’s preference has grown from just Hindi movies to movies from across languages. People have been indulging in movies from down south for its diverse methods of storytelling and quality content. Dulquer Salman, a prominent actor, singer and producer from the Malayalam industry has also found a growing fanbase across the country. And these on-screen Dulquer Salman characters are reason enough.

Dulquer Salman, DQ or as he is fondly known among the fans as Kunjikka is one of the actors from the younger lot who has created his own place in the industry. Apart from his smitten face and beautiful charm, DQ is known for his character portrayal that is unique and distinct in every way. He discovered his own acting style and has been able to stand out among the rest. Right from his debut movie Second Show, Dulquer proved his ability to choose characters that have an essence. He has never tried to imitate despite being born to the legend of the Malayalam industry, Mammooty making sure that his characters only belong to him. He has also become part of other industries making an appearance in Tamil, Telugu, and Bollywood movies. Throughout his film career, there have been many such characters that people could relate to, leaving a mark among the audiences.

Take a look at these Dulquer Salman characters:

Balan K Nair: 100 Days of Love

Lalu: Second Show

Charlie: Charlie

Aadi: OK Kanmani

Aji Mathew: Comrade in America

Faizal: Ustad Hotel

Kasi: Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

Adhithyan: Vikramadhithyan

Arjun: Banglore Days

Krishnan: Kammatipaadam

Injured Stuntman: 5 Sundarikal

Happy Birthday, DQ!

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