When was the last time you had come across a condom advertisement that was full of wit, humour, song and dance instead of just couples making out? Did you ever imagine watching a condom ad with your family around, considering the fact the way they were intensely picturised?

I doubt your answers to these questions would hardly be in the affirmative.

International condom manufacturer giant, Durex has launched a new consumer campaign for its Indian audiences by signing Ranveer Singh as its brand ambassador. It is for the first time that a Bollywood A-lister has been roped in to promote the message of sexual well being and urges the youth to talk openly about safe sex.

The latest Bollywood heartthrob is seen crooning to a dance move called ‘Do The Rex’.

The unique dance number has been put into action with the efforts of Karan Kapadia (Director), Bosco-Caesar (Choreographers), Ravi Varman (Cinematographer) and Mikey McCleary (Music). Also, Ranveer himself has written and rapped the lyrics of the soundtrack.

Durex has certainly been high on innovation in this video which has garnered a whopping 3 lac views in less than the first 72 hours of its launch. With its aggressive theme and an equally wonderful implementation of the same, Durex’s campaign is unconventional yet direct. Story-telling through a song instead of a 45-second commercial has ensured that it wouldn’t be one of those ads which would fizzle out so easily. As for the folks out there, no wonder why they wouldn’t watch this commercial over and over again!