East India Comedy videos that will tickle your funny bone

Mohammad Kanchwala
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East India Comedy videos that will tickle your funny bone

The seven wonders of the Indian stand up comedy scene, East India Comedy has gone from strength to strength to establish themselves as one of the most sought after performers in the industry. Well, that’s offline, and they are doing a hell of a job online too.

Their videos are just as hilarious as they are timely! Right from Snapchat’s woes to Donald’s shenanigans at the White House, East India Comedy videos are absolutely LOL and knee slap worthy.

When they are not tickling ribs and ruffling feathers on Twitter, these videos keep us chuckling. We bring you some of the best videos from East India Comedy that will have you in splits.

1. One of their most recent videos, this one does not really require a caption. You just have to watch it.

2. Family WhatsApp groups are the worst!

3. Uncle mere aur mere dost Facebook, Insta aur Messenger ke liye ek-ek xerox dena

4. Now we can finally start supporting Donald.

5. Oh Karan.

6. Modiji ne kahi harr bachelor ke Mann ki Baat

7. Please prepare gifts for your respective CAs, 31st March is prancing towards you

8. Seriously though. This is not funny Pizza chor


9. Why though?

10. Take that Sharma ji ka ladka!

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