Easy fitness tips to lose holiday weight

Priyanka Parmar
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Easy fitness tips to lose holiday weight

Try these easy tips that will help you lose your holiday weight and enjoy all your parties too!

This is the most fun time of the year, with Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties and New year's Eve all around the same time. But this can also take your health and fitness for a toss. While it's okay and a must to enjoy this time of the year it's also important to look after your own self. We care about you and here are some easy tips that can help you lose the holiday weight.

1) Hydrate

Drink plenty of water. You're supposed to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water in a day for your health and if you plan on eating a lot of holiday sweets and junk food, make sure you drink a glass or two more. Add

slices of lemon or cucumber, a few mint leaves, to add a little flavour and also flush out all the toxins and junk from your body. We promise your body will love you for this later.

2) Get enough sleep

As much as you love staying up late at the parties it's also important to get enough sleep. Holiday season may want you to wake up early for work and then stay up late. It is important to have enough sleep to

keep your immune system functioning properly as well as having enough energy to get through the holidays. As a bonus, you will be a nicer person to be around.


3) Eat healthy and regularly

Do you sometimes get so busy that you forget to eat? Uh-huh, we've all been there. But it's very important to eat your meals on time so your body gets the required supplements to have your immune system function smoothly. You know that you are going to be at places where there is unhealthy food. Try to choose the healthy options when possible. Consume your sugary foods in moderation.

4)Follow your usual exercise routine or start one

You should manage to squeeze in a nice 15 minutes short work out in your daily routine. It doesn't have to involve any equipment and requires very little space. Go for something like yoga or download apps that help you exercise at home very conveniently.

5) Listen to your body

We all know there's a lot of events to attend during this time, but try to not stress about all the good things that you should be doing. Listen to your body and give it rest when it asks for it. Due to sickness

probably all your plans will get cancelled and you don't want that. So rest, give yourself a break and do not put too much pressure on yourself. Enjoy the holidays as much as you can.

6) Reward yourself

Tell yourself that you will reward yourself for taking a step towards your fitness. So everytime you exercise or help your body, you will also reward it. Just make sure these rewards aren't unhealthy but in some way add to your fitness. For example, if you have a favorite juice, make sure you don't drink it all day but only after you've done something like exercised in the morning, gone for an evening jog, etc. This tricks your mind into going for the jog in the greed of your favourite juice. Human psychology is weird but creative, right?

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Happy holidays, folks! Use these tips to enjoy the celebrations without worryijg about gaining any holiday weight.

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