It's time to try these low-effort and easy trends on Reels!

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easy trends on Reels

If you are looking to jump on the social media wagon, then check out these easy trends on Reels.

We spend so much time on social media that it has become an unconscious place during our breaks. We automatically end up scrolling through Reels for hours and never get tired of it. Not to forget the constant humming and dancing that it causes. It would be a lie if you said you don't find yourself singing the song, reciting a famous dialogue, or doing the steps of trending audio from Reels. While most of these trends may look difficult, there are also some easy trends on Reels that everyone can give a try.

Even when we're not on these apps, the content is always with us. This constant consumption of content only makes us want to create one of our own. We have seen so many dance Reels and challenges online that we end up saving at least a few so we can try them with our friends later. While lip-syncing to a dialogue or a song doesn't look like a difficult task to do, it's the dance ones that get us, especially if we lack the ability to dance. To help you decide what you can do next time you meet your friends, we made a list of low-effort and easy trends on Reels that anyone can try.

Check them out!

Gogo Dance

Naach Punjaban


Rover Slowed

Marry Me

Cool for the Summer

So which of these would you try on your next meet-up with friends?

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