The El Camino trailer is here and the Netflix original has made fans go cray-cray!

Netflix: “Say the words. Say you want this. Nothing happens until I hear you say it.”

Fans: Just give us the trailer already!

The El Camino trailer was released at the Emmys 2019. The movie is based on the famous Netflix series Breaking Bad. The fans went crazy when it was released for them yesterday, and they cannot wait until the movie airs.

Breaking Bad is a 5 season Netflix series where the protagonist is Walker White who is a chemistry professor, husband and father of a son suffering from cerebral palsy. He becomes restless when he is diagnosed with stage III cancer and is given a period of two years. He tries to get his family financially secured before time runs out and therefore gets into the meth business. The story discusses how a simple setback in a normal man’s life forces him to go from the head of a middle-class family to become the kingpin of the drugs and crime world.

El Camino is the movie version of the series Breaking Bad. The main protagonist being Jessie Pinkmen played by Aaron Paul who reprises the role after 6 years of playing the same character in the series. The story continues from where it ended in the series. It is about Jessie Pinkmen’s life after his escape from captivity and the turns his life takes thereafter.

Here is the El Camino trailer:

The fans, however, went all chaotic when the El Camino trailer dropped:

El Camino is scheduled to release on Netflix on October 11th, 2019.