Name an animal that looks giant but is the cutest thing alive! A mammal that plays a significant role in how our ecosystem works. And it’s time we appreciate these elegant creatures on, National Elephant Appreciation Day. Kyuki Haathi Hai Humara Sathi!

Our planet has been blessed with amazing creatures. Everything and everyone here is associated with each other making the planet a better place to live in. Every creature has its own unique traits that separate it from the rest. So is an Elephant!

Elephant Appreciation Day was found by Mission Media Inc. founder Wayne Hepburn in the light of appreciating this beautiful creature. It is said that it began when his daughter gave him a paperweight that was in the shape of an elephant which made him fascinate about this beautiful creature. He created this day so that every human could recognize how amazing this massive yet beautiful creature is.

There are various organisations that are dedicated to protecting this mammal from poaching for the tusk. One such organisation is the #BeKindToElephants by Ellen DeGeneres

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There are various facts about Elephants that make this creature the marvellous creature it is:

 1. Intelligence: 

Elephants are considered to be one of the smartest animals as they remember everything. Their intelligence is also because of their large brain. Their brain has the capacity to capture as many information as possible as they grow and develop.

Basically a Male elephant can never forget his anniversary date!

2. Longest Eyelashes:

Elephants have eyelashes that are long and beautiful. They are as long as 5 inches.

Get it, ladies? They don’t need an extension.

3. What the Trunk!

Elephant trunk the most visible feature of an elephant alone is made up of 40,000 muscles. However, elephants take approximately a year to learn how to use it.

Just wondering, how difficult can it be on the scale of my parents learning how to use Facebook?

4. Worshipped: 

Elephants in India are considered as a symbol of intelligence. They are worshipped and considered the living representation of the elephant-headed Lord Ganesha.

Oh my friend Ganesha tu rehna sath humesha.

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6. Symbol of culture:

In India, elephants are a part of their cultural representation. Especially in Kerala elephants play a major role. They are decorated and paraded symbolising the grandeur and cultural importance.

People just go Elephants!

7. Can’t jump, Won’t jump:

Elephants are the mammal that cannot jump. And it is not because of their large body but because their leg bones are pointed downwards which makes it difficult for them to jump.

they don’t need to jump high, their trucks can reach the sky!

Finally, What do you get when you mix an elephant with a rhino? Elephino. (HEll if I know)

What facts did you find interesting? Tell us in the comments below.