Elijah Woods made a song out of Taylor Swift's song titles and the ‘swifties’ love it!

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Elijah Woods made a song out of Taylor Swift's song titles and the ‘swifties’ love it!

Music enthusiast, Elijah Woods experimented with some of Taylor Swift's popular song titles and he managed to make us all feel it.

It's not easy and completely worthless to try to rank Taylor Swift songs as they all have a special place in our hearts. From songs that made us groove with our first teenage crush to songs that helped us go through that breakup phase, we all found excitement and comfort in her playlist. Her songs are conversation starters and sometimes they start some of the coolest trends as well. One such trend was started by Elijah Woods, a music enthusiast who chose a few fan-favorite Taylor Swift songs and made a song out of their titles and won our hearts with the end results.

There is a particular vibe to all the Taylor Swift songs and this short verse created by Elijah feels as if it has combined all the feels. He used titles of the songs like Midnight, Delicate, Mine, Cruel Summer, Wildest dreams etc. for this verse. It starts with the feeling of meeting someone and swooning at the first sight and only to find out that they weren't the right one for you and you recall all the good memories and wish you could go back to the time. It's not an exaggeration to say that this little experiment by Elijah has caught all these feelings in just a few lines.

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Check it out!

Fans are asking him to release the full version of it and we're waiting for that day!

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