Elon Musk and his company SpaceX plan on developing a new and independent constitution on Mars once their rockets land on the planet.

Hey Siri, we are done with Earth. What is the process to move to Mars? Elon Musk and SpaceX have always wanted to send humans on Mars as the main aim behind sending its own rockets into space. And like a chapter taken from a sci-fi movie, the aerospace company plans on imposing a constitution on Mars and a legal regime once their rockets land there. Musk claimed that the Red planet should be considered as a free planet and therefore they plan to form a self-governing, self-sustaining settlement where Earth laws wouldn’t apply.

To build a settlement on the planet, the company is developing a rocket system that will be fully reusable and will be able to carry 100 people. The General Counsel of SpaceX, David Anderman in an interview revealed that he is drafting a constitution for Mars. The terms of service for Starlink is also in the works. It is SpaceX’s new satellite-internet project that was shared by Reddit users after they received a public beta test invitation. While all of this still seems like a joke and another new meme in the making, there will be a number of changes to international laws that the company will have to go through to make this happen.

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