Eminem resurrects Hip-Hop as he offers a lyrical gem, rakes in mixed reactions

Paawan Sunam
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Eminem resurrects Hip-Hop as he offers a lyrical gem, rakes in mixed reactions

Eminem dropped a bombshell on 30th August as he took to Twitter and Instagram revealing the release of his 10th studio album named Kamikaze with guest appearances from Jessie Reyez, Royce Da 5’9” and more. The album is produced by Eminem himself and Dr. Dre with various musicians contributing to individual tracks.


Most rappers these days, sing about money, cars, b*tches and how they are better than everyone else while overusing autotune and the same ‘choppy’ flow which every other rapper seems to use these days. Eminem has been dissed and cussed lately by them. While Eminem has stayed quiet for a while and disregarded them, as speaking about them would only drop his grade, he decided that it’s time they know their place.

With songs like The Ringer, Greatest and Not Alike he dissed everyone from Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, Migos and many more while proving that no one disses better than him while still maintaining the fact that he is a lyrical genius and an artisan with vocal delivery and use of syllables. Venom, the last track on the album would be featured as an OST for the motion picture ‘Venom’, which is still to be released.

While his fans and peers are ecstatic about his new album, some have given a negative response and also accused him for using homophobic slurs although Eminiem has maintained those words are used with different intentions as they had a different meaning during his formative years as a rapper. Celebrities and fans have taken on Twitter and Instagram to show appreciation.



Some have shown negativity too.

But looks like Eminem won’t back down till he collapses and he is not afraid of hitting rock bottom and will keep rising as the one true ‘Rap God’.

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