On September 14, 2018, Eminem dropped a nuclear bomb during a gunfight. Not literally.  He finally replied to Machine Gun Kelly’s diss track ‘Rap Devil’ with ‘Killshot’.

The feud between the maestro and the tyro (you know who’s who) started when MGK tweeted about Em’s daughter and took it further with dissing him on ‘No Reason’, a track he featured in by Tech N9ne. Because according to MGK tweeting about Em’s daughter harmed his career.

Eminem during an interview with Sway mentioned that, these were the reasons he dissed(and killed) MGK on the track ‘Not Alike’, from his 10th studio album ‘Kamikaze’. Rap Devil was a reply to Em’s reply.During the interview, when asked about Rap Devil, he mentioned that he probably won’t come out with a diss track again, as he wants to destroy them but also doesn’t want to make them bigger.

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Complex metaphors, deep insight, witty replies to MGK’s lines, intricate rhymes, and an OG flow is what slashed MGK.

Acknowledging Killshot, MGK posted a photo on IG wearing a tee with Killshot’s artwork in a concert with thousands of fans. Although people who went to the concert clarified that he opened for Fall Out Boy and the fans too were theirs and he was boo’d on stage and also he came on-stage wearing a sweatshirt and removed it just before sneaking a pic wearing the the tee with Killshot’s artwork . As Em said “Had to give you a career to destroy it”.

MGK had already dug his grave himself, Em just nudged him inside by releasing Killshot and surprised everyone. Twitter has reacted and it’s hillarious.


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