From cricket emoji to heart hands emoji: Meta shares India's most loved emojis

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Emojis are a big part of how we express ourselves via text whether we're talking to a loved one or even a breakup message that we'd like to send to that toxic ex!

Human history has shown that images are worth more than words. The rise of visual-based

communications have led to a new vocabulary of emojis and GIFs, which is making us more

expressive than ever before. For every emotion we go through, there is an emoji with just the

right expression, helping us to communicate better.

Inevitably, these have now become a fundamental part of our every day, digital lives. This is

why, ahead of World Emoji Day on Sunday, July 17, Meta shares some fun facts about how

Indians are using emojis across our platforms. Among activities and sports, cricket 🏏 continues to be the nation’s favorite sport followed by yoga/meditation emoji 🧘 given people’s focus on health and wellbeing. We are an expressive bunch, even if it’s just through emojis - Version 14.0 saw 112

new emojis were released last year, despite the many choices, the most popular new emojis on Facebook among Indians showed a range of emotions -


Here’s a list of the most popular ones used in India across Facebook and Instagram!

Popular sports emojis on Facebook posts in India are:

🧘Yoga meditation

🏋️ Person Lifting Weights

🏹 Bow and Arrow

The most popular sports emojis in Instagram bios for people living in India are:

🏏 Cricket emoji

⚽ Football emoji

🎯 Bullseye emoji


Popular emojis in India by age group on Facebook:

Gen Z (18 - 24):

❤️ Heart

🙏🏻 Folded Hands

👍🏼 Thumbs up

Millennials (25-44):

🎂 Birthday cake

🙏🏻 Folded Hands

❤️ Heart

Gen X + Boomers (45 - 65+):

🎂 Birthday cake

❤️ Heart

🎉 Party Popper


What’s your favorite emoji? Tell us in the comments below!

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