Take a look at the various endangered ocean animals at the risk of becoming extinct

Chayanika Roy
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Let today be the day to understand that everything we do not only affects us but also our fragile planet. From lively oceans to devastated reefs, we need to protect oceans and ocean animals now, more than ever.

Oceans are the lungs of the planet. It supplies the oxygen we breathe and regulates our climate yet we barely make efforts to cut down the effects of global warming. Oceans and the ocean animals that these water bodies are home to, are facing the unprecedented challenges of the human activities, jeopardizing the rich flora and fauna that oceans constitute.

The theme of UN World Oceans Day 2020 is “Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean.” Innovation—relating to the introduction of new methods, ideas, or products—is a dynamic term and one that is fundamentally filled with hope. We as humans hold immense responsibility to keep our planet safe and secure.

The ocean is home to unique creatures and species but what happens when you are endangered in your own haven? If we continue to selfishly operate in this inclusive world, we shall continue to contribute to warming up of oceans which in turn can have crippling effects on marine life.

These are the various endangered species that are at the risk of becoming extinct:

Hawksbill Turtle



Smalltooth Sawfish

Bluefin Tuna

European Eels

Angle Shark

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Sea Lion

Hammerhead Shark

Coral Reefs


Hector's Dolphins

Nassau Grouper 


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