5 films by Aditya Chopra that are etched in our minds for eternity!

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Aditya Chopra

Aditya Chopra

The mysterious maverick filmmaker Aditya Chopra has given us many films over the years through YRF but some movies of his are timeless for more reasons than one.

A wise and multi-faceted filmmaker, Aditya Chopra's expertise in understanding cinema has always benefitted Indian films and the industry but he has always remained a mystery for the audiences who loved watching his films until The Romantics, a documentary covering Yash Raj Films, unearthed this genius and his depth of knowledge. Over the years, he has supported many projects, filmmakers, and actors and helped them come to the limelight. He's also backed some of our favourite films as a producer or distributor. But his strength as a filmmaker and his brand of love stories blending modern with tradition has inspired and imprinted his films on our minds forever. 

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Check out these films that we can't have enough of!


His debut film as a writer and director made him and Raj and Simran's love story one an overnight success. To date, the essence of this film is seen in various TV series and other movies. It became such a cultural phenomenon that it still runs strongly in Maratha Mandir, Mumbai.


His second directorial venture made yet another strong case for why he is a complete filmmaker who can make a love story a family entertainer because 'love conquers all'. It's one of his films that binds a perfect blend of new-age love stories and traditional values. 

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi 

His third directorial venture might not have been as successful as his first two, but it surely made its way into people's hearts. It's a love story that talks about finding love in arranged marriages and beyond looks. 


He might not have directed this film but he has written it so that Veer and Zaara's love across borders of India and Pakistan is eternalized forever. After all, who doesn't love a good romance drama that crosses all bounds of age, country, and law? 

Dhoom series 

Before the YRF spy universe with War, Pathaan, and Tiger was conceptualized, Dhoom films brought the action thriller genre to India. And it was because of his vision that we could compete with some brands of Hollywood films in an age of globalization. Who can get over John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan, and Aamir Khan as thieves?

Happy Birthday to this visionary filmmaker and producer who has given us cinema to be remembered for ages!

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DDLJ Veer Zaara mohabbatein Rab ne bana di jodi dhoom