#EveOfShame: It was all 'The Easy Girl's' fault

Aishwaria Sonavane
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#EveOfShame: It was all 'The Easy Girl's' fault
Prevalence of deep-rooted misogyny in our society yet again gave us a reason to hang our heads in shame. The rigid patriarchy has blurred our vision with a misconception of culture that defies the acceptance of one gender at par with the other. This has directly given an upper hand to the dominant gender even in case of reprehensible crimes like rape, molestation and sexual assaults thus pushing the blame on the victim thus imbibing nothing but toxic in the society.

In my opinion, geography in such cases is of no concern, yet the recent mass molestation on the eve of New Years in Bengaluru has immensely raged people and ignited genuine concerns towards the shallow mentality of, unfortunately, a majority who believe westernization is the crux of sexual crimes against women.

This country stepped in the New Year with an age old issue of misogyny, where social media became the channel to funnel the fury of the masses. Hashtags overpowered that cursed the corrupt mentality with supporting hashtags like #NoGirlEverAsksForIt, #LetHerBe #BengaluruShamefulIncident, and #StopVictimBlaming took over.

With opinions flooding in, the trend of #NotAllMen associated with this incident too received its share of deserved hatred which further emphasized on the persisting male hypocrisy and dominance in the society.

Twitter trends and Facebook conversations are a common affair these days, but to address this issue with an optimism to reach out to at least a few, YouTube channel, Cinemonkz found by Jackson Garg an Alumnus of IIT Kanpur utilized the medium to share a message which ideally should be self-explanatory through content that is quite relatable to the Y-generation today.


The Easy Girl portrayed a scenario where a girl is shown doing everything that will "demean" her in the eyes of a “cultural” society - she is drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, wearing body-showing outfit and partying with three boys in an enclosed space. While watching the film, our accustomed mentality expects her to get sexually assaulted, but the content hopes to surface the truth of the matter where it is only the depraved who use such a situation as an excuse. Hoping to broaden the mentalities with one message - ‘Stop blaming the victim and defending the culprit.’

Social media has enabled voices to amplify and be heard louder than some of the leaders in the country who have disgraced the country with their words and statements that have just encouraged the gap between the genders.

In incidences like these, the digital platforms have unified in resistance for a good cause. Social Samosa hoping to enhance the reach of such a message is in favor to provide a platform for such content that is active to bring about a change towards gender equality, acknowledge the intensity of such crimes.

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