Events In August 2019 to make it a happening month for you!

Mansi Mirani
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Events in August 2019

If you're trying to break your Saturday routine then take your pick from these events in August 2019 and add some excitement to your weekends!

It feels like yesterday that we were bidding goodbye to 2018 and making resolutions for 2019 with no intentions of keeping them. But, friends, between world cups, movies and other international highlights half the year has managed to pass us by. And if there's one thing we now about this generation, its that we love sleeping in and netflixing over the weekend.

But there's more to the weekends than just chilling in your PJs and couch-potatoing, my folks. If you, like most us, have been thinking about making your weekends more productive and also upping your Instagram game then you've landed on the right blog. We've collated a list of some exciting events happening all over India in the month of August! So, take a break from your weekend routine and add these fun events to your list.

Take a look and pick your favourites from this list of events in August 2019:

1. PAUSE for a CAUSE Exhibition - Benaras Kash

When: August 2nd-3rd, 2019

Where: Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra

2. Teej Festival

When: August 3rd-4th, and August 17th-18th, 2019

Where: Jaipur and Bundi (respectively), Rajasthan

3. Safar - Poems and Stories for the Planet

When: August 4th, 2019

Where: The Cuckoo Club, Mumbai, Maharashtra

4. Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race

When: August 10th, 2019

Where: Punnamda Lake, Alleppey, Kerala

5. Independence Day

When: August 15th, 2019

Where: Across India, but especially in New Delhi

6. Raksha Bandhan

When: August 15th, 2019

Where: Across India

7. Madras Week

When: August 18th-25th, 2019

Where: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

8. Izhaar- The International Poetry Festival

When: August 24th, 2019

Where: Nehru Center, Mumbai, Maharashtra

9. Covelong Point Surf, Music and Yoga Festival

When: August 23rd-25th, 2019

Where: Covelong Point Social Surf School, Kovalam village near Chennai, Tamil Nadu

10. Bonderam Festival

When: August 24th, 2019

Where: Panjim, Goa

11. Krishna Janmashtami and Dahi Handi

When: August 25th, 2019

Where: Across India, but especially in Mumbai, Maharashtra

August surely seems to have some pretty exciting stuff going on, doesn’t it?

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