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Everything is cake

Is our phone/laptop a cake too? Even we don’t know anymore. We have made a list of such crazy Everything is Cake videos and posts, check it out!

It is a known fact that one can never know what goes viral in the world of social media. One crazy thing that has the internet talking recently is the Everything is Cake trend. Although we as kids wished for a place where everything would be made of chocolates or of cakes, watching it actually happen is quite strange. 

The trend gained pace after an online recipe channel posted videos of real objects looking like cakes on their Twitter account. These included everyday objects like sanitizers, a pile of towels, fruits like bananas etc. - all made of cake. These cake objects look exactly like the real object, and one can only know it's a cake when you run a knife through it. 

However, these cakes are made to look exactly or close to the original product is with the help of Fondant. It is a popular type of frosting that is very versatile. It makes it easier to sculpt things holding the shape for a longer time as compared to the buttercream. 

What makes it more interesting is that since the video went viral people are stuck with the existential question, "Is everything cake?" People are wondering if we actually live in a world that is made of cake or if we humans ourselves are nothing but cake. There have been many such crazy and unbelievable 'Everything is cake' videos and posts on the internet. We have made a list of such posts and they will surely blow your mind.

Take a look at these, Everything is cake videos and posts:

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