The language of love is a tricky one. There is no linear way of expressing love to someone because we’re all wired differently. While using words is always a great way to go, there are also actions in which you can express yourself better!

Social Ketchup gives you simple ways of expressing love to your loved ones when words aren’t just enough –

1. Be a listener 
Often, we listen to respond rather than listening to understand. Being a proactive listener can do wonders for your relationship. Sometimes people just need a friend to hear them out rather than giving advice. Being an active listener makes you attentive to their problems and makes them feel that they’re being understood without any judgement.
2. Keep your cellphone away
In the world of social media frenzy, we often forget to concentrate on what’s really important. While interacting with your loved ones, make sure you keep the cellphone aside. Basically, don’t scroll and talk!

3. Make time for your loved ones
Relationships are built when you spend time with your loved ones. By taking time out of your busy schedules, you are conveying that your loved ones are important to you and you can prioritize the relationship over other things.

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4. Be supportive
Whether they have an important meeting coming up or they will be appearing for a tough test, make sure you’re their biggest supporter! Since they are important to you, you should encourage and support their goals and ambitions.

5. Participate in activities together
Doing stuff together signifies a great bond. Whether you choose to go camping together or stay in on the weekend to simply Netflix and chill, participating in activities together definitely shows them that you care.

Telling someone you love them is always great but expressing love through your actions is definitely better. Try these and tell us if they worked for you!