A new face mask that can transcribe and translate conversations points at the future

Smrithi Mohan
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As an example of the new normal, a Japanese company has created a face mask called C-Mask that can transcribe and translate conversations.

People are giving in and trying to adopt and adapt to the new normal in their life. Washing hands constantly, walking around wearing a face mask and maintaining reasonable distance with others has become a part of our lives. There is nothing that feels more safe than it during this pandemic. Wearing a mask has resulted as a safe option that is helping reduce the spread of the disease. As we get used to something new, there is always someone out there who tries to renovate. One such renovation is happening with the face masks that we have become so used to.

A company in Japan called the Donut Robotics has created a face mask called the C-Mask that can transcribe and translate everything that one speaks. While it may seem difficult to have a conversation with people wearing a mask, this company is helping people convert their speech into text. This mask is connected with a Bluetooth and an app that transcribes the speech and also translates it into a known language. It works in nine languages namely Japanese, English, Chinese, French, Korean, Thai, Bahasa, Spanish, and Vietnamese. It also makes calls, takes down meeting minutes, and makes the wearer's voice louder.

The mask will be made available from September. The company will release 5000 C-Mask in Japan in September and hopes to deliver it soon in countries like United States, China, and parts of Europe as well. The company also plans on eventually adding AR and VR features to the mask.

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