4 Bizzare Facebook Policies of All Time

Amanda Mendonca
Oct 08, 2014 10:48 IST
4 Bizzare Facebook Policies of All Time

The recent uproar over Facebook’s disagreement with members of the LGBTQ community over using’ ‘Real names’ has brought to attention how absurd some of Facebook’s policies really are.

Facebook claims that it only picks up on posts and profiles that have been reported by users as in violation of its user agreement, thereby enforcing its existing policies to deactivate these accounts. So basically it allows users to virtually ostracize people that don’t conform to society’s definition of what’s “acceptable”. A mild form of cyber bullying, don’t you think? Let’s take a look at some other Facebook policies that are well, ridiculous:

1. Facebook decides what your name can and cannot be

Your name cannot include unusual punctuation, capitalization and so on. Your English Professor would be proud.


And God forbid if your name is Mark Zuckerberg, because Facebook is naive enough to believe that there’s only one person on this planet with that name, and will take you for an impostor and deactivate your account.

2. Sorry, you’re too old for Facebook

Remember when you were 11 and couldn't wait till you were older to sign up for Facebook? You probably even lied about your age, just so you could create a Facebook account. Well, chances are, you’ll probably have to do the same when you’re really old, because Facebook’s birth year options only go back to 1905.


3. How graphic is too graphic for Facebook?

Depictions of Marijuana use is allowed, but not if it is ‘clear that the poster is selling/buying/growing'. Photoshopped or 'Versus photos' aren't allowed. A Breastfeeding picture where the breast is exposed violates Facebook’s no nudism policy. Yet crushed heads, limbs, deep wounds and blood are allowed as long as no insides are showing. Also, Pictures of unconscious people with things drawn on their faces aren't allowed. Sorry, Jiggly Puff.

34. You’re under arrest for being Annoying!


Facebook decides that you used a feature in a way that could be considered annoying, even if was unknowingly done, and temporarily blocks you from sending friend requests and messages. Facebook advises -

”To keep from getting blocked again, please slow down or stop this behavior (ex: send fewer messages each day, only tag people in photos they're actually in). Otherwise, your account could be permanently disabled”

Okay, Facebook, Okay!

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