15 Facebook Groups For Enthusiastic Art Fans

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15 Facebook Groups For Enthusiastic Art Fans

Whether you're a budding artist, an art fanatic or a connoisseur of fine art you must definitely look for inspiration and ideas everywhere and anywhere you can find. So why not social media? Find everything from Indian theatre and customized handicrafts to art and designing careers in these discussion groups below. Facebook Groups make it easier than ever to share with friends, family and teammates. Read to find out which group you should be keeping up on Facebook.

Mumbai 48 Hour Film Project 2010

Follow this group to keep yourself updated on the world tour of The 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) which is back in India in 2014!

About The 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP): It's a wild weekend of film-making fun where teams make a film in just 48 hours- from Friday to Sunday. Each team is assigned a genre and on Friday night, 3 elements- a prop, a dialogue and a character are announced which HAVE to be incorporated in the film.


The Mumbai Theatre Circuit 

The Mumbai Theatre Circuit is aptly named so for the people who believe in the potential of live theatre. With over 4000 members, this group will help you keep track of your plays, auditions , hunt for prospective sponsors and interesting ideas.  Simply put ,this group is for those who breathe live theatre. Are you one of them? Go join this group ASAP.


Films Locations in India 

If you're looking out for beautiful and serene locations to shoot for a video or film, join this group to find out various locations.


Art & Design Careers

This group takes stringent privacy measures to avoid spam which is very hard thing to find these days. This group is strictly for job openings in the field of art and design. If you wish to share or know about  job openings in the Art, Design, Film-making, Visualisation, Advertising, Animation, Interaction or Information Design domains this groups is for you.

Tribal Route - A Handcrafted Store-Y

Tribal Route describes themselves as on outlet for creative expression put together with the magic of rich culture, heritage and design evolution. Find carefully selected & specially created hand crafted merchandise from a wide range of artists and vendors across India on this group. You wouldn't want to miss out on this awsome group on Facebook if you've already visited their store located in suburban Mumbai.



Join this group to connect and share with a bunch of people who love their art .

This group is for you if you're are an artist or art enthusiast who'd love to share and appreciate art.

This is an open group so feel free to add people with similar interests.


IndiPix >>> Photography

If photography is your forte, this the space for you to gain ideas and tips to improve yourself. IndiPix is an artist-run photography group. They are highly passionate about photography and helping others become better photographers. The level of artistic talent ranges from serious hobbyists to professional fine art photographers.

The IndiPix space is regularly used by various organizations  for  workshops, presentations, film screenings, group meetings, photo tours, … anything to do with photography.


Digital Art, Illustration, Painting , Graphic Design

A place where fellow artists can share their digital illustrations and artistic creations. This is  growing online community to educate and promote artistic rights and to help achieve professionalism in the industry. Both digital and traditional are welcomed in this group.


India Art N Design

India Art n Design is a rapidly growing electronic magazine for the creative-minded, design conscious, globally aware art and design enthusiasts, who rejoice in the distinct design flare and superlative ethos of Indian creativity.

Jon their group to follow up on their four major sections:

• Home (India)

• Product Hub (Product Showcase)

• Global Hop (Art n design from across the globe) &

• Art Gallery (Indian contemporary art online)

A definite must-follow for a art enthusiasts and the budding artist in you.

Galerie Art Eterne

Galerie Art Eterne will always keep you updated on all the important news and views related to the artists, art, market and investments. Their main aim is to be of great help to anyone who wishes to have global news in a nutshell.


Bollywood Art Project

Street art and graffiti sets  the tone of this group. Bollywood Art Project is an urban public art project that aims to transform the walls of Mumbai into a celebration of its cinema.

This group is visually appealing and their works of public art is mind blowing. Show this group some love to get your daily dose of awe inspiring urban street art.


Museum Theatre

Museum Theatre mainly concentrates on the arts industry. It focuses on artistic products, artists, their promotion, and to aid artistic experiments to support changing trends in the arts industry with a motto of building audiences. With more than 19000 members, this group is must follow for all the theatre fanatics.

Concept artists – India

"Concept artists - India" is to encourage more Indian artists into the concept art scene. A place for all the artists to inspire one another by sharing art processes, brushes, inspirations.

This is mainly a critique forum, so writing and inviting crits for your work are highly encouraged.

Please note that this community is only for pre-production artists as they need a special place to grow. Having said that, everyone that is interested in this field, regardless of their artist type are welcome to this group.


Indian Artists & Art Collectors

A versatile group on Facebook for Artists and Art Collectors of all forms of Visual Arts.

Everything from  ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, film making and architecture can be found on this group.

Also Folk, tribal, traditional, modern, naive art, child art, contemporary, antique etc.


Art Royale Photography Fan group

"No destination is complete without the royalé touch" is the motto of this group. They mix  MAGIC, ART & LOVE with  true photography that will mesmerize & take you to a world of your own. They deal exclusively in  wedding photography with a made in heaven touch, interiors & architecture photography with a corporate finish. This group is must follow for all the budding wedding photographers.


If you know of any more worthy art groups let us know in the comments section below, we will add in.

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