Your yearly calendar has dates marked for May-him novenas and a trip to Velankani, and a visit to the Mount is simply a must. Rosaries in May at your village cross are simply not done without boiled grams and singing “let us mingle together”. Sundays mean you have a buffet at home, Sorpotel is a must for every feast, and Christmas would be incomplete without Nana’s fruitcake and port wine. If you’re a sworn Bombay catholic (read cat-lik) then you should definitely be following these pages on Facebook, they’re solid fun men.

1. Pao tips

If you swear by Jive, Football and Prince Jacob, and felt like Finding Fanny was a chapter in your life story, then this page is definitely for you. To brush up on those F’s and B’s, men.



 2. East Indian songs

Because the minute you hear the opening chords of the masala being played you know it’s time to hit the dance floor, peg in one hand and a hot chic on the other. Follow this page now.

2c3. EastIndians

What men Brother, you don’t know what those buggers did to LIC cross? Check this page for updates men, can’t talk, have to go men Band-ruh feast no, and Mamma’s made Fugiyas.


4. Bandra Fair Updates

If you’re planning to go to the Mount this week; you simply have to eat hot dogs in the canteen. And don’t forget September gardens! Ofcourse, don’t forget to follow the page.




5. Bandra Buggers

Keep in touch with Savio, Sean, Mario and all those alemaos you once played football at Supari Talav with, those big shots are all on the ship now no.


6. Orlem Memes

You were born, baptized and confirmed cat-lik in the same parish. Now you’ll get married and do the same for your baba’s and baby’s too. Because “Which Parish?” Comes before “Hey, what’s your name?”

6c7. DYC (ICYM-BOM) Community

Camps are happening men, and they’re full on fun. Keep Up-to-Date with your Deanery’s activities on the official DYC group.


8. MojeaGoaAmchiMumbai

For all those Goans, living in Bombay and missing Choreez pav and ross-omlette this page has some mad recipes and other Goa related news. Enough to transport you back in time when you enjoyed Mai’s Bibinca and danced to the music of the brass band passing by.


9. Catholic Humor

Catholics men, we’re damn chilled out dude. But if someone makes fun of Jesus and Mama Mary no, one kanfat they’ll get. But you have to check out this page, it’s so funny men.


10. Local Catholic Gymkhana

How else would you know about ticket sales for the Christmas dance? Or about the special brunch for San Jaos Feast? Simply follow!



Whether you’re an East Indian, Goan or a Mangy, being a Bombay Catholic is definitely fun. Just ask anyone from I.C, Orlem or Band-ruh men.