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Fahadh Fassil

While we wait for Malik's release, these iconic characters played by Fahadh Faasil will show you that he's the most versatile actor there is.

Fahadh Faasil has become a name that doesn’t need any introduction. Throughout the course of his career, this actor has made a special place in the heart of the audience. Along with being an undisputed star in the South Indian film industry, he has made a place in the hearts of the audience on a global platform through his sincere performance and dedication towards character acting.

South Indian cinema has gone through a whole change but modern Malayalam cinema has come out being pan-India cinema. Through this modern Malayalam cinema, we got an actor, Fahadh Fassil who makes an entire watch of the film worthwhile. C U Soon, Joji, Kumbalangi Nights, Bangalore Days, are just some of the examples that also became a pan-Indian hit from his vast filmography. His plain-looking face with his god gifted talent of emoting with his eyes makes him a representation of real-life people and hence all of his films tell a real story. When he takes up a character you cannot separate whether he is Fahadh or the character, his work is so nuanced and in-depth. It's almost just like Irrfan Khan and that has left a huge mark. He made sure that we do not blink when he’s on-screen.

Malik's much-awaited and most-anticipated release is happening on July 15 on Amazon Prime Video. Meanwhile, we have listed down some iconic characters where he's blown us away!

C U Soon- Amazon Prime Video

Experimentation, Mahesh Narayanan, and Fahadh Faasil are usually mentioned in the same breath within the Indian film industry. During the lockdown, the barriers did not stop this duo from creating a cinematic masterpiece as these guys shot an entire feature film on an iPhone! The movie garnered much appreciation and brilliant reviews, all of them praising Fahadh for his brilliant performance.


Njan Prakashan- Amazon Prime Video/Netflix

Through Njan Prakashan, Fahadh Faasil breathed life into the character of Prakashan and P R Akash. He perfectly portrayed an ambitious guy who slightly deviates from the regular path in order to be successful, but returns to his roots and finds happiness within all that he's been gifted with. This is definitely a must-watch feel-good Malayalam movie.

Kumbalangi Nights- Amazon Prime Video

Shammi made us laugh, we were afraid of him and in absolute awe of him. The drastic turns that his character took from the start of the movie to its end, cannot be appreciated enough. In the beginning, Shammi seems a bit weird. But watching a guy who is adamant about his principles to the sheer madness he spills all over in the end is absolute brilliance. This is a movie you can watch over and over.

Varathan- Amazon Prime Video

Unpredictability is what Fahadh Fassil can achieve with ease. The way Fahadh plays these characters just makes everything seem too real and perfect. This movie should be definitely seen for Fahadh and the manner in which he seamlessly takes the story ahead.

Thondimuthalam Driksakshiyam- Disney+ Hotstar

The film doesn’t rush into giving an end to the film but rather sparks the beginning of conversations about morals, philosophy, and everything in between the good and bad. Fahadh being a plain-looking actor gives a powerful performance that is indescribable in words. His eyes and actions say everything that needs to be said.

Trance- Amazon Prime Video

The film is about the horrors of human greed, especially at the cost of human vulnerability, and goes on to talk about the fallacy of religious healing. Fassil plays two roles in the film and his immense craft comes into play as he does not segregate the two aspects of the personalities but integrates them to a humane fault. His conviction is infectious and impactful throughout the film.

Maheshinte Prathikaaram- Amazon Prime Video

The film is best of best in comedy without ever going over the top, using the same old traditional, rustic comedic tropes and cheap antics. The character in the film is a tailor-made character or as naturally an actor, he is he owns the character so well. With such ease, he executes all those little things without saying a word that it stays with you much longer than after the film. Like those affectionate exchanges and heart-warming smiles.

Bangalore Days- Disney+ Hotstar

This is one of the films that brought Fahadh to a pan-Indian audience. Directed by Anjali Menon, this film is a feel-good drama that is around three cousins from Kerala. And how they pick up with each other after moving to Bangalore. Irrespective of the film being a multi-starrer, Fahadh Fassil with his realistic acting and charm still steals the show. As Shivadas, he's paired opposite Nazriya Nazim, who he later married in real as well.


Annayum Rasoolum- Disney+ Hotstar

The film is about Anna and Rasool and how their romance has to struggle through serious challenges in the name of religion, caste, and societal status. Fahadh's character is a mix of boyish charm and passion of an adult lover making him an apt representation of a young boy falling in love and growing up. The film with its lack of dialogues gives him an opportunity to optimize his god-gifted talents, to emote with his eyes.

Artist- Amazon Prime Video

This film is said to be a modern romantic tale that explores the depth of human personalities and the struggles of relationships. Faasil again gets an opportunity to bring out a contrast in two versions of his character displaying his acting prowess. As he has to go through two phases of being human, one before in the relationship and one after the break of the relationship. The couple has to navigate their own shortcomings in either of them during the course of the relationship this forms the core of the film. 

Honorary Mention: Super Deluxe, Take Off, North 24 Katham, 22 Female Kottayam, and Oru Indian Pranayakatha.

Talking so much about the man and his iconic characters, we definitely can't wait to see him on-screen more. But the wait will be over in almost just two days as his next big film – Malik will launch on Amazon Prime Video on July 15.

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