The consumer giant brand Unilever house has announced its decision to drop ‘Fair’ from its skincare product Fair & Lovely following all the extensive criticism against the same.

Unilever is one of India’s leading cosmetic brands that has been in the market for a long time. Through the years the company has been backlashed for stating that having fair skin is the only way to succeed in life and that a fair-skinned girl or guy is more likely to be loved by people through their Fair & Lovely product advertisement.

The global consumer giant on Thursday made an announced of re-branding its skin cream brand ‘Fair & Lovely.’ The announcement came after the brand received a lot of criticism over the brand name and its marketing communication being offensive and negative against dark skin tones.

The statement released by the brand said that they will remove words like fair/fairness, white/whitening, and light/lightening from its products’ packaging and communication and to evolve a more inclusive vision of beauty through its renewed skincare portfolio.

Twitter shared their reaction on the news:

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