Instagram may have 800 million users but unfortunately, a lot of those are fake accounts and they are particularly easy to spot if your Instagram game is upto the mark. This particular fake Instagram account followed people with one name only!

Yes you read that right. Instagram user, lisajames419419, a highly obvious fake Instagram account using a random sounding woman’s name with an unnecessary series of numbers as suffix, follows just guys named Paul Williams. That was 194 Paul Williams’ until one of those Pauls got suspicious/curious and began to dig deeper.

Now this fake Instagram account that I have trouble addressing by name because it just sounds so fake, blocked user Paul Williams when he sent a DM asking her what if her obsession with Paul Williams’ was a conspirary or a lab experiment.

Turns out, the profile picture belongs to adult film actress Briana Lee who happens to be very popular among the catfishing fake Instagram accounts as reported by Mashable.

I know what you’re thinking. This is really really weird but what if I say, it gets weirder?

fake Instagram account

After getting 419 followers, ‘lisajames419419, put her account on Private Mode. Do you see it?


After all of this happened, Lisa James turned her attention to all the Thompsons on Instagram.


What does Lisa want? What was she hoping to accomplish with the Paul Williams’? Was it accomplished? What does she want with the Thompsons’? What does 419 mean?

Share your conspirary theories with us because we would really really like to know what the hell is going on!