I think we can all collectively agree when I say that 2016 was a weird year. This was the year that Princess Beatrice accidentally slashed Ed Sheeran’s face with a sword and people went to crazy lengths for Pokemon Go! Wanna be reminded of another crazy thing that happened? The #OneFingerChallenge!

For those of you who seem to have conveniently forgotten about it, #OneFingerChallenge was a trend in which women held up one finger in front of their naked reflections and see if they could cover their private parts with just that. Yeah, that really happened. What purpose did it serve, you ask? Zilch.

Suddenly, this challenge has resurfaced on Twitter –calm down, not in the way you’re thinking –and has taken a humorous turn! Twitterati, like with anything, have started making memes and forming their own takes on it. Check it out:

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We wish the original version was as funny as this! At least I wouldn’t still have been carrying the scars of those mirror selfies.