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You might have seen the social media flooded with the picture of police beating up an old Punjabi man and a guy standing on top of a water cannon. If you have, then you would want to read through this article about the farmers' protests.

Thousands of Indian farmers on 27th November 2020, walked up from Punjab and Haryana to reach Delhi in protest against the new reform made in the agriculture law. According to them, these reforms will be the end of Indian farmers. The farmers had been protesting in Punjab for some time, but they decided to walk to Delhi to force the government into listening to their demands. Small groups from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have also joined them in the farmers' protest.

The farmers have been blocked by barricades and barbed wires put up by police to stop them from entering the capital. Since they have been stopped on roads leading up to the capital, they have set up their camps on five major roads. They have brought enough supply of necessities with them that could last them for almost three months. The farmers think that the reform is not for the benefits of the farmer but for the corporates. 

To remove the farmers protesting on the roads, the police have tried throwing tear gas and launched water cannons on them. Delhi Police also requested nine stadiums to be converted into jails for them but the city government has denied the police’s request. The recent development is that Amit Shah, the home minister has been in talks with representatives of the farmers about their demands. 

The protest has gained national importance and is finding support through social media. People have come forward in support of framers, as agriculture is the primary sector of the economy in the country and the source of livelihood for many. 

Here are some of the tweets on the issue:

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