5 global influencers we spotted at the Met Gala 2024

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influencers at met gala 2024

Be it Wisdm's eccentric distressed rose or Haley Balyee's 3-D flower gown that brought the garden, global influencers definitely nailed it at Met Gala 2024!

Anna Wintour faced a lot of backlash in the previous three years when she decided to include influencers in her guestlist for an event like the Met Gala which was known for the exclusivity it served. Although content creators were able to bring their digital presence to the carpet, people were little to no impressed with the looks they served. This year, however, things seemed to change as well-known TikTok influencers lived up to the theme. Serving their best looks, influencers Wisdom Kaye, Emma Chamberlain, and Halye Baylee left people shaken.

Wisdom Kaye, known for his experimental fashion, arrived in a bright red Robert Wun cape and top hat. His red monochromatic ensemble included a button-up shirt, dress pants, and a floor-length coat with a stunning mini-train completed with pleated collars, sleeves, and a beautiful rose. Emma Chamberlain who was back with her corresponding duties, wore a custom Jean Paul Gaultier that was a dark twist to this year’s theme “Garden of Time”. The chocolate mermaid-cut gown resembled twisted tree branches and had a light train. Meanwhile, Haley Baylee brought the spirit of Spring with her vibrant floral dress that literally brought a garden with 3-D flowers. As these influencers walked the carpet, Reece Feldman and Estefania Pessoa, a.k.a. Tefi, covered the event from the sidelines for the live stream on TikTok and Vogue.

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Check out their looks:

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global influencers met gala 2024 influencers at met gala 2024