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Take this Navratri as an opportunity to embrace maximalism and colours. Here are some Navratri jewelry suggestions right from Kritika Khurana's Instagram feed!

For many out there, Kritika Khurana is undoubtedly the go-to fashion influencer for fashion inspiration especially when it comes to Indian ethnic wear. She never fails to deliver and has created her own fan base with her fashion content and she gets her moments to shine when she can flaunt vibrant pieces of jewelry. While the world is overdoing minimalism, she is one of those creators who embraces chunky pieces, bold colors and maximalism. She makes even the most basic outfits look classy by pairing the right jewelry with it. 

As we are excited for festive shopping, we can't wait to pick Navratri jewelry and adding maximalism and colors to your cart is what Indian celebrations are all about. Take this Navratri as an opportunity to pair your impeccable style and tradition with modern trends. If you're searching for guidance on how to layer jewelry with your festive outfits, Kritika Khurana has a treasure trove of valuable suggestions. With her distinct fashion sense and a knack for accessorizing, she offers some truly remarkable jewelry ideas to elevate your Navratri look, making her a reliable source of inspiration for you all during the festive season.

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