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Riya Turakhia

We had a rather insightful conversation with Riya Turakhia on creating festive fashion content and here's what she said!

Coming across vibrant festival content adds an extra layer of excitement to our celebrations. Whether it's through visually stunning photos, videos, or informative blog posts, this content infuses the festivities with a sense of joy and anticipation. It provides inspiration, ideas, and a sense of connection to the broader community celebrating the same event. We appreciate the dedication and creativity of content creators who invest their time and effort into producing the content that we love so much. Dressing up is unarguably the best part of Indian festivals and most of us rely on fashion content creators for the inspiration we need. Riya Turakhia, a content creator known for her vibrant and engaging fashion content, had a little chat with us over the same that helped us gain insights into her creative process, her approach to festive content, and her strategies for staying organized during the busy holiday season!

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Here are some key takeaways from the conversation!

Creating standout festive content

Riya's mantra is clear: go big or go home. She believes in making a statement during the festive season by embracing elaborate concepts and putting in the effort to make her content truly stand out. We asked how the approach for her festive content is different from her regular content and she added, "Bigger the better! It’s that time of the year when I like to go all out with concepts, sets, production, and ofcourse outfits too." Riya emphasizes striking a balance between relatable and extravagant content. "For instance, if I’m going for 3 content pieces that have very high production value, I’d want to make sure that I also post an equal number of content pieces that’d help people for festive fashion like affordable finds or how to style videos." To match the vibrancy  of Indian festivals, it is essential for creators to choose appropriate color palettes and backdrops. "I believe concept and outfit plays a major role in this for me. I ideally like to incorporate a vibrant color palette, since that’s what defines festivities at its best, right? And as I said earlier, bigger is always better. And by that, I do not necessarily mean booking expensive sets always, but it can be as simple as a DIY backdrop at home using dupattas or flowers. Because specially for festive content, it’s always about OTT backdrops and lights that make the content visually pleasing."

Balancing personal celebrations and content creation

We wonder where content creation ends and personal celebration begins for these creators as they try to make content pieces wherever they can. As they say, there’s no holiday for creators. "In fact, it gets even more hectic during the festive season. Having said that, keeping content ready beforehand and scheduling it definitely allows more time for being in the moment and enjoying celebrations." She helped us understand by sharing her personal strategies with us. "My team and I make sure we start planning out content at least 20 days before the festive season approaches so that we get enough time to keep resources ready."

Connecting while celebrating 

Creators don't miss a single opportunity to connect with their fans. Riya added, "I usually love to put up mini vlogs at the end of festivals to show my audience how I celebrated the festivity. And also some live stories to share glimpses of my holidays and interacting with them to know how they are celebrating it too." Festivals are also a great time to do collaborations with other creators. "It’s always fun to collaborate with fellow content creators and create content that’s more like passion projects for all of you. While creating content with the same niche is always fun - once in a while also collaborating with creators from other niches, and creators who have a comparatively different audience than yours in order to reach out to a broader audience, helps." Riya's followers can anticipate exciting collaborative content with fellow creators and plenty of fashion-related tips to make the most of their wardrobe. "I have recently shot some min blowing collaborative videos with my creator friends, so definitely that. And of course a lot of content around styling and making the best out of your already existing wardrobe." 

To encourage new creators who are making festive content, Riya adds, "Try to understand what your viewers love to watch. Festive content or not, If you are somebody who’s just starting out, try and provide some value that viewers can take away from your content pieces."

If you're just starting out with content creation, hope this gives you enough insight!

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