Unlock your inner fashionista with Anushka Hazra’s “Style better in 30 days series”

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Anushka Hazra

From decoding fashion trends to embracing individuality, fashion influencer Anushka Hazra does all that with her "Style Better in 30 Days" series!

We've all had those days where we stand in front of our closets, staring blankly at rows of clothes, feeling like we've worn the same outfit a million times. Feeling confident in our fit might be more important than we think. Styling is a form of self-expression that allows us to convey our personality and mood, and we are all different, so it should be how we style. Sure, there are moments of indecision and wardrobe malfunctions, but that happens to most of us. On days like these, we could have made better decisions if we had a crash course on 'How to style?' And fashion content creator, Anushka Hazra, is doing just that with her 'Style Better in 30 Days' series. 

With each video, she guides us through ingenious tips and tricks. From mixing and matching to finding the perfect colors and accessorizing like a pro, this series tries to cover everything we didn't know we needed. The best part? These videos don't generalize when dishing out advice. Anushka takes her time to explain how different styles suit different people, emphasizing that our unique personalities heavily influence our styling choices. It's like getting a personalized guide tailored just for you. Understanding that not every trend needs to be blindly followed and that our style should be uniquely ours feels comforting. It all feels like having a fashionable best friend by our side. From introducing us to new fashion trends to unleashing the power of statement pieces, each video is packed with insider tips that will have us strutting our stuff with confidence.

Here is a quick guide to styling better:

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