Recreate these fashion outfits on a budget created with fashion influencer, Pratham Solanki

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Recreate these fashion outfits on a budget created with fashion influencer, Pratham Solanki

These fashion outfits on a budget by Pratham Solanki will make you look like an Instagram influencer. No kidding!

How many times have you spent hours street shopping and still couldn't find the perfect outfit that you have planned for months in your head? A fashion influencer on Instagram, Pratham Solanki creates content around fashion outfits on a budget. It's difficult for a college student to decide what to wear and what goes well with something, and then there's color coordination that gives us a hard time. Pairing clothes and making them look aesthetically pleasing is an everyday task for teenagers and finding outfits that fit your budget is an even bigger task. Though Instagram and Pinterest have become the go-to place for fit ideas, you can't get them on a budget, Right? Naah! Pratham Solanki got your back! His Instagram helps you choose an outfit for college but that is not all!

He takes inspo from characters from TV shows that we love and even creates outfits that are trendy and make you look like a walking insta model. Adding his own touch to street styling the outfits is a no-brainer for him. Accessorizing your outfit has become a trend among college students and it's definitely a crime not to accessorize in 2022. And choosing a perfect accessory is like Sophie's choice. From ring collections to three accessories you need to add to your outfits, he's got it all! Do you want to look trendy and not be broke at the same time? You're in for a ride full of aesthetic looks with understated accessories curated by him. Pratham has an entire collection of outfits on his Instagram that will definitely make you look bougie and chic, wait, did I say on a budget?

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