Do you think fashion is all about fancy things? Think twice or just check these simple yet stylish fashion picks this week that too can try anytime.

The most exciting thing about fashion is that it is not only limited to high heels and fancy clothes. It is also not only about red carpets and ramp walks. Fashion can play its magic even in the simplest ways. Sometimes, a t-shirt paired with trousers can also make a great vogue combo. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the fashion picks this week that are simple yet gorgeous.

Check out our favourite influencers rocking summer styles in the simplest fashion this week:

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Phulkari , which means floral work , refers to folk embroidery of the Punjab . It’s absolutely stunning as it involves needle work with bright coloured silk threads on salwar , kameez , dupattas , scarves and shawls . We need to start wearing , supporting and encouraging Indian handcraftsmanship , especially now . Let’s express our support for the craft and our hardworking Indian karigars . @jade_bymk is and has been doing a wonderful job in supporting these karigars and today I made this small video as a symbol of my support towards them ?. Hope you guys enjoy this video and if you try the second look then do take a picture don’t forget to tag me in those pictures ? . . #riseforindiancraft #jadeforcraft #craftingindia . . Thank you @ginnywalia for this stunning dupatta ?❤️? I love it !!!

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I have dedicated half an hour everyday only for deleting pictures from my phone. I realised that some of these things that we keep procrastinating need to done in a process otherwise it never really happens. And now since it’s a part of my routine, I see the progress & experience calmness, my target is to delete 3k photos everyday, so towards the end of the week I’m down to having deleted 18k photos ??‍♀️ Extricating the clutter either from my phone or my wardrobe has been one of the things that I always push for later. Till I reach a point where I have no space and then I just have to skimp out on taking pictures. And when that happens automatically there’s frustration and delaying of other activities. So, to keep my energy clutter free, I’m trying to get these small habits incorporated into my lifestyle. Now that I have dedicated time for these things, I have realised I enjoy doing it and at the same time I also end up listening to either new music or some podcasts, which is fun! And I know it’s not just a quaratine routine, it’s gonna be a part of my lifestyle for my own well being & peace of mind ???✨ I came across this photo from today’s deleting session, where I indeed miss Bali and this welcome-drinks station at @potatoheadbali , I wouldn’t mind some healthy shots rn ??✨?? Hope you enjoyed this growing experience of mine ✨ If you have an experience that has helped you in anyway where you feel someone can learn from it, please do share below ?✨??

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What’s poppin’?

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