Friday Streaming - The only thing relatable about F*ck Love Too on Netflix is the title!

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F*ck Love Too

What could have been a rather relatable film turns into a snoozefest because of an overload of characters and storylines in F*ck Love Too!

A Danish Netflix Original, F*ck Love Too is a sequel to the 2019 film, F*ck de Liefde where three love stories are introduced! And this sequel bites off more than it can chew with Lisa's love triangle, Bo's rocky relationship with Said, Lisa's ex-husband, Jack, fathering babies with two different women, Angela falling for a man she slept with who is secretly a hooker, and Kiki having cold feet before her wedding! Did you lose track? Well, we don't blame you!

Cast - Bo Maerten plays Lisa, Yolanthe Cabau is seen as Bo and Nienke Plas plays Kiki.

Storyline - Angela, Lisa, and Kiki go to Ibiza for Kiki's bachelorette where Lisa struggles to pick between an old flame and a boyfriend she recently dumped, Kiki loves her fiance but has cold feet and Angela develops feelings for a hooker! Back home, Bo and Said are trying to get their marriage back on track and Jack's advice doesn't help this process in the least. Meanwhile, Jack has gotten two women pregnant and doesn't know how to tackle this situation!

Watch the trailer here!

What I didn't quite like - F*ck Love Too is packed with so many characters and stories that there isn't any time left for the chemistry to develop between any of the love stories. I'm still not sure what Bo and Said are struggling with or how they intend to work through their marriage with no real conversation. Each of these relationships could have been a separate movie because F*ck Love Too doesn't give them more than 10 seconds at a time!

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