Amol Parashar, Rohit Saraf, Simran Jehani, Saba Azad, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Tanya Maniktala, Skand Thakur, Kajol Chugh and Mihir Ahuja talk about their characters, what made them choose this project, and with the ace directors of Netflix India’s latest offering, Feels Like Ishq!

Love is definitely been in the air for days now since the trailer of Netflix India’s, Feels like Ishq came out. The anthology is made up of six stories is a modern-day depiction of love in all its various and distinct forms. The trailer of the show gave more than one reason or to be exact, six stories and 12 talented actors as well as the directors and writers of each story, to be excited about it and the anthology didn’t disappoint!

The cast includes Radhika Madan, Amol Parashar, Kajol Chug, Mihir Ahuja, Simran Jehani, Rohit Saraf, Saba Azad, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Zayn Khan, Neeraj Madhav, Tanya Maniktala, and Skand Thakur, and each of them does a fabulous job of breathing life into the characters. It’s a light watch that highlights different kinds of love and what makes the same experience feels so different for each one of us. Don’t go in expecting an intense dose of love and romance but you can expect a sweet after-taste that your favorite candy or dessert often leaves behind.

Here’s what the actors have to say about these stories, their characters, and working with some fantastic directors!

When asked, how it was working with co-actor, Radhika Madan on Save The Da(y)te directed by Ruchir Arun, and written by Monisha Thyagarajan, Amol said:

Rohit Saraf and Simran Jehani who are teaching people self-love as Aditya and Tara, reminisced in their experience of working on Star Host, written by Saurabh Swamy and Directed by Anand Tiwari who’s known for bringing characters to life in the most real yet entertaining way:

Saba Azad and Sanjeeta Bhattacharya play Tarasha and Muskaan in ‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not’ written by Sulagna Chatterjee and Directed by Danish Aslam. Here’s what the talented actors had to share about the story, their characters, and the importance of having more queer storylines in Indian content:

Tahira Kashyap Khurrana has done a commendable job of bringing us lovable characters Nimmi and Maninder played by Kajol Chugh and Mihiri Ahuja. We asked the actors who seem to have become everyone’s crush about their experience of working with Tahira. Here’s what they shared:

We also spoke to Tanya Maniktala and Skand Thakur who are winning hearts as Mehr and Kabir in Ishq Mastana directed by Jaydeep Sarkar and written by Shubhra Chatterji:

Have you watched Feels Like Ishq?

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