10 absolute badass female characters of Game of Thrones who showed them how it's done!

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10 absolute badass female characters of Game of Thrones who showed them how it's done!

How female characters of Game of Thrones are written is one of the many things that made us excited about the show and here's why we love them!

We have seen the concept of conventional strength in movies and shows, and to be honest, it fails to excite us now. Nowadays, battle strength and strong muscles are hardly a conversation starter when we talk about strong characters. That could be the reason why the audience widely liked the female characters of Game of Thrones. While the show introduced men who were fighting to sit on the throne, it also showed strong-willed women fighting with their unique abilities and challenging men in the name of true equality. Their unique personality made them special!

Not every female character was on the battlefield fighting for the throne. They fought with wits, influence, politics, magic, and of course, with the wrath of dragons, and sometimes these characters even surpassed their male counterparts in strength, political navigation, combat skills, influence, determination, and sometimes even in cruelty. Not even the "Mad King" makes me shiver like the way Cersei Lannister did while burning a whole crowd in the wildfire explosion.

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These female characters totally stole the show (and the throne)!


With the power of the Lord of Light, she created space for herself in the show. Despite the big failures and doubts, she stood strong to her belief and even helped in the war against the white walkers.

Yara Greyjoy

Being a leader of your house in a male dominant society is never easy but Yara Greyjoy proved her strength and became the leader that Theon could never be.


Ygiritte sure was a tough lady. She was smart and skilled in combat. And the character who made Jon Snow interesting!

Lyanna Mormont

Being filled with pride, courage, and a strong sense of politics at a young age made her extremely admirable. She made her mark on the show even with limited screen time.

Olenna Tyrell

She rarely showed any fear in the show and could cut people with her words in any argument. She knew how to get things done with her political knowledge.

Margaery Tyrell

It takes strength to be calm and composed after all that she goes through in the show. She is loyal to her house and cares for her family. Like her grandmother, she is wise with her words.

Cersei Lannister

Her power comes from her skill of manipulation and cruelty. She literally shocked and gave shivers to the audience with the wildfire explosion episode.

Sansa Stark

Yeah! A lot of GOT fans hate Sansa for her annoying nature. But she has to go through a lot during the show. Her power comes from the trauma that made her extremely good at self-preservation in difficult situations. She had to survive Joffrey, Ramsey, Petyr Baelish, Cersei, and almost every cruel character of the show.

Arya Stark

She is smart, and brave and takes revenge for the slaughter of her family members. Did I mention she can steal people's faces?

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen is an example of what power of influence can do. Being the mother of dragons was not the only thing that made her powerful. It was her confidence and influence over others that made the path to the throne for her.

What is your favorite Game of Thrones character?

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