Journalist Ushnota Paul was harrassed by a woman co-rider while travelling by Uber. Paul was mentally and physically abused by the woman. Sustaining marks on her face and hands, she went to the police station, got an FIR filed but Uber failed her. The company refused to reveal the identity of the alleged woman. Angry, she took to Twitter for grievance redressal and justice.

Ushnota Paul, a journalist was allegedly harrassed by another woman while she was travelling by Uber. It all began when Paul intervened in a matter between the driver and the woman co-rider. Enraged, the woman co-rider targeted and attacked Paul mentally as well as physically.

While getting down at her drop, the woman hit Paul several times on her face and hands and ran away inside her office building. Paul, after the incident went to LP Police Station and got an FIR filed. Mumbai Police was reportedly very supportive. However, Uber failed her. On asking for the details of the suspected woman, they refused to divulge it due to security provisions.

Disappointed and exasperated, Paul took to social media to throw some more light on the incident. She posted the details of the incident condemning Uber on her official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Though Uber responded to Paul via their official Twitter handle, twitter users attacked them through their tweets.

Ushnota however found support in humble twitterati who slammed the cab service.

We hope that Journalist Ushnota Paul will get justice and Uber will get rid of the one-after-the-other controversies!