What stays afresh even after a million years with a person – the surprise of palpitations you felt while exchanging that first hello! It need not be funky, cheesy or intelligent. It has to be earnest and down to earth. It has to be you!

If wooing your loved one is on the agenda quit being pretentious, trust me it works. Online dating is the hub for some of the most honest bonds one can ever make, sometimes even better than the organic ones.

Think about it. You met someone in a bar or at a party? What is the next step – the fluttery hello? Exchange of nervous talks and happy anticipation after exchanging numbers! What happens when you stumble upon someone really interesting on a dating app – the first hello, gleeful talks and exchanging numbers? In fact its better, the virtual element rules out nervousness to a great extent.

For one moment – go beyond the stigmas attached to online dating and seek to #findlove; you’re bound to experience magic. All you need to do is let it go and try.

Recently I tried my hands on Woo’s question cast. My question was simple, something I related to – Any F.R.I.E.N.D.S. out there? It worked as a very great conversation starter. I met some really good people with whom I had a lot in common. Like I said – it’s all about being earnest and connecting.

If you still face inhibitions, try these woo tips; you never know you might end up finding someone really special.

Be honest

Right from your likes and dislikes to habits and idea of future – it is very important to be black and white from the very beginning. Even the slightest shade of grey can be misleading. Avoid it.

First impression is not the last impression

A person can be afraid, paranoid or even nervous. Avoid making any perceptions on the basis of the first interaction or a mere profile picture. People tend to open up with time and you owe them that.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

The more you know them, the better. There is only so much that you can find out from casual hi hellos. Ask questions and get to know the person better. Woo tip: don’t end up playing an annoying journalist either.

Think twice

Love doesn’t always happen at first sight. If feet be kept on the ground, it is not likely to happen the third or fourth time either. Instead of hasty decisions, keep your cool and think twice – if you think you’ve missed your chance, don’t be afraid to reconsider them.

Give online dating a genuine shot – we can assure a lot of surprises on the way. And good surprises. Write your own love story. Download Woo from the Google Playstore or the App Store.