India reported first Coronavirus death in the State of Karnataka on Thursday

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first Coronavirus death

The government of Karnataka report first Coronavirus death in India after a 79-years-old dies on Thursday. He returned after a month-long visit to Saudi Arabia on Feb 29th.

Hours after India saw a number of orders to close down schools, malls and movie theatres to help prevent any further spread of Coronavirus, the government of Karnataka announced the death of a 79-year-old man due to the same virus. The Indian government had earlier declared the suspension of visas to stop people visiting India from foreign countries as a precaution. India also became one of the countries to be hit by COVID-19 majorly after 50 cases were reported in the past 41 days. These cases are spread in over 12 states and 18 cities/districts. The death of the Karnataka man is the first Coronavirus death in India. The test results of the man were made public only on Thursday, hours after all visa was suspended. It is reported that the man had returned from Saudi Arabia after a month-long visit on February 29th. The state has traced the people who have come in contact with the man and have kept them in quarantine. Officials also said that he showed no symptoms in his screening at the airport and was taken in the hospital only last week after he developed difficulties.

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