5 times Taylor Swift replied to her trolls in her own unique way!

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5 times Taylor Swift replied to her trolls in her own unique way!

In honour of Taylor Swift re-releasing Snow On The Beach after receiving backlash for not giving enough vocals to Lana Del Rey, we found out more instances where she replied to her trolls in her standard style!

After releasing Midnights (3 am Edition), Taylor Swift released a new edition of Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition) yesterday with three additional tracks Hits DifferentSnow On The Beach (feat. More Lana Del Rey), and Karma (feat. Ice Spice). The clever singer-songwriter has experienced her fair share of criticism and trolling throughout her career. However, she has always managed to handle it with grace and wit. One thing Taylor Swift enjoys doing is replying to her trolls in her own unique way. Be it through her music or her charitable donations, Miss Swift never disappoints us with her actions! 

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Check out these 5 instances where Miss Swift did what she does best!

Embracing the snake

In 2016, Taylor received massive backlash on social media where people called her a snake. Instead of letting it affect her, she embraced the snake as a symbol in her sixth studio album Reputation. She released her then highly anticipated music video for Look What You Made Me Do where she incorporated snakes in the most poetic yet sadistic way and that video was clearly a zip it moment for her trollers!

Charitable donations

When a group of internet trolls attempted to organise a campaign to send Taylor Swift to perform at a school for the deaf, she responded in a remarkable way. Rather than engaging in a war of words, she generously donated a significant sum of money to support education for the hearing-impaired. Now that's queen behaviour right there! This response not only shut down her critics but also showcased her compassion and willingness to use her influence for good.

Sense of humour

Taylor have always inculcated humour in her song writing and when a lot of people were raising questions on her sexuality, music choices and dating choices, she wrote a song titled 'You Need to Calm Down' as a message to her haters. In the wise words of Taylor Swift, "Haters gonna hate".

Writing empowering songs

Swift has consistently used her songwriting talent to respond to her critics. In tracks like Shake It Off and Mean, she teaches us how we should encourage others to rise above negativity. These anthems not only resonate with her fans but also serve as a powerful message to those who try to tear her down. Look What You Made Me Do is also an example of how she can be intentional without being redundant.

Political activism

In recent years, Taylor has become more politically active, using her platform to speak about issues close to her heart. When faced with criticism for breaking her political silence, she responded by encouraging her fans to exercise their right to vote. In her documentary, Miss Americana she made sure her political stance was heard and seen by emphasising the importance of civic engagement and making a positive impact.

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