If this were an episode of a political drama, it would titled, ‘The lord of flies’. In the recent Vice Presidential Debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, while the focus was initially on the candidates, it was soon taken over by the fly on Mike Pence.

After an upsetting Presidential debate, the Vice Presidential Debate was held on Wednesday where candidates Kamala Harris and Mike Pence faced each other for the first time. The candidates engaged in a number of subjects pointing out at major points of discussion. While Harris talked about Trump’s failed attempt to maintain health during COVID and the government’s attempt to invalidate the Affordable Care Act healthcare law. Whereas Pence targetted at Biden’s policies on Economy and Taxes, apart from interrupting Harris about 16 times and drifting away from the question asked. But it wasn’t their debate that became the highlight of the evening, it was indeed a fly on Mike Pence that made a cameo and stole the show.

Despite the fruitful debate, as compared to that between Trump and Biden where both spent insulting each other, a fly ended up becoming the star of the debate. The fly was stuck on Mike Pence’s hair for 2 minutes (yes, people counted the time). People were so distracted by the fly that memes started doing rounds with one starting an account for the fly on Twitter as well.

Take a look at these memes:

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