10 Tweets about flying that will surely make you smile

Jagruti Verma
New Update

Travelling can be really interesting, especially when airports, flying and middle seats are involved. Here's the best from the Twitterverse to prove it.

While everything from kids sitting at the back kicking your seat to being squeezed in the middle row can be listed out to prove how awful it is to fly, there are good bits too. The little things that make you stupid smile, remember something and then smile a little more. Here we bring you a few such flying gems to get your curve moving, upwards.

Some people are just pure gold!

Kindness comes in all brews and glasses.

A good strategy to sit in peace?

Oh, the wonder of being a kid!

Elevators save you effort, who thought they could be this comforting as well!

When the universe sends you a happy signal.

Silence is a blessing, no?

Nothing's purer than a child's innocence!

The casualness of it all sure is... liberating?

A world of its own, happy flying!

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