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If you want to update your wardrobe with classic, high-end styles or just plain pastels, check out these global fashion influencers.

In the fashion world, creativity and innovation know no bounds, and this flair is all found in the hands of fashion creators. Visionary designers redefine style with each fashion piece that relates to individuals who have the same understanding of their creativity. From runway fashion to minimal fashion that radiates elegance, fashion content creators are the ones that carry the story of a clothing piece making it a trendy fashion style.

Social media has been booming over the years with fashion creators that come up with the freshest fashion trends; bringing back the old styles or experimenting with trending styles. You can easily recall multiple fashion content creators who give you new fashion trends, tips, hacks, and tricks to experiment with your wardrobe. Through this listicle we take you through a set of global fashion creators that will help you modify your fashion style, helping you upgrade your taste in fashion correctly. 

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Here is a list of all the fashion creators you can follow to upgrade your wardrobe inspiration today. 

Larry Hector

Larry Hector is a content creator and model from Nigeria & UAE. When you look at his profile, you will find a wide range of fashion that varies from classy formals to unusual, unconventional outfits that he carries with confidence and poise. 

Sarah Zerafa 

Sarah's profile exclusively works on colors. She creates multiple looks from a single outfit and also tries to style similar colors from different brands. Her profile is one that you can use for your inspiration. She showcases them all from an evening wedding look or something casual and elegant.


Thanya's profile is the perfect example for anyone looking for winter, elegant, and minimal fashion inspiration. For all the evening classy to simple easy outfit lovers out there, Thanya's profile can be one to use for your wardrobe inspiration today.

Bo Brown

Bo Brown's is the perfect source for useful fashion inspo. She showcases hacks and tips to make your fashion styling stand out more. Making a full outfit with hacks to wearing a denim jacket as a crop, brown shows us all these tips through her profile.

Thomas Meacock 

No because Men and fashion>. Thomas' profile offers the perfect fashion inspo for men. Thomas is often seen grooving and transitioning between outfits giving all men, young and old, perfect wardrobe inspiration. From Y2k fashion to old classic suits, you must check his profile out today.

Chelsea H

Chelsea's profile is a vibrant spectrum of outfit inspirations that are for every era, season, and festival too! Whether you are looking for cutting-edge trends or ensembles that make them stand out, Chelsea offers inspiration for it all. 

Jayn Jangle 

Jayn's fashion profile is an aesthetically pleasing digital wardrobe of outfits for various seasons, occasions, and events. from picking fictional character outfits to outfits for different personalities, she does it all with her fashion outfit suggestions.

Ivy Nicolee

Ivy's fashion content is something one would call daily minimal outfits. her suggestions come with the least effort yet are beautiful to look at and try on as well. from tips on layering an outfit piece properly to wearing one outfit piece the correct way. 

Jay Beech

Do you also love setting the mood with music while getting ready to step out? Jay's fashion content embodies an exquisite aesthetic as such. His profile bio encapsulates it perfectly: 'I wear fun clothes and dance a lot ". Jay offers fun outfit suggestions that are useful for all the fashion enthusiasts who crave looks that turn heads. from funky to edgy to embracing queer fashion his audience loves the groove he brings with his fashion content.

Jalen-Juwan Nelson

Jalen Nelson has a wide range in a variety of outfit suggestions. if you ever wanted to recreate outfits inspired by your favorite cartoon characters Jalen shows us how to exactly do that. Outfits that are inspired by Super Mario characters to outfits inspired by Spongebob characters. Jalen offers a variety of creative suggestions for outfits that are easy to afford and recreate. 

Do you have any more global fashion creators that come to mind? Tell us in the comments below.

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