10 Food items that you should definitely avoid for a healthier summer

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Summer brings with it a lot of things, such as, brighter days, the laughter of children playing around, the warmth of the sun, and of course mangoes. But did you know that consuming a lot of this all time favorite fruit can actually be harmful for your body? Disheartening, we know. True nonetheless.

While this season calls for a lot of cold and chilling treats, some of the summer foods should not be indulged into as they can cause troubles such as dehydration and indigestion. After all, your summer should not be a bummer!

Here’s a list of foods that should be avoided/consumed less (since we know they’re tempting!) for a better and healthier summer:

1. Meats: Non-vegetarian items lead to increase in sweating; they can also cause digestive problems and cause diarrhea. Red meats (mutton, lamb, pork etc.) should be avoided at all costs as they are high in saturated fat, thus increasing blood cholesterol levels.

2. Spices: As Indians, we tend to be more inclined towards hot and spicy dishes, but they make your body heat shoot through the roof and hence can make you feel dehydrated and sick.

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3. Oily/Fried food: Deep fried, junk, or oily food is a big no-no at all times, but they should be eliminated completely during summers, as they heat up your body and weaken your immunity system.

4. Salty snacks: Excessive intake of salty snacks is not recommended as these contain an additive called MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) that increases appetite and leads to weight gain.

5. Sauces: Again, sauces contain excessive amounts of MSG and leaves you feeling bloated and lazy. Try and keep your meals as natural as possible.

6. Ice-cream: I know, I know –“Are you crazy?” As crazy as it sounds, ice-creams are actually on this list, especially ice-cream sandwiches. Ice-creams have very high levels of calories (nearly 500) and saturated fat. A substitute could be ice-creams made from low fat sorbets.

7. Daiquiris: Although, these strawberry packed cocktails sound perfect to refresh yourself and beat the heat, but they also have high amounts of sugar, fat, and calories which can increase your cholesterol and cause other problems.

8. Macaroni and Potato salad: In addition to the key ingredients being fatty themselves, this tasty dish contains a lot of mayonnaise too which is not recommended for summers. You can try using low-fat mayonnaise as a substitute though.

9. Lobster rolls: Many people think this tasty dish can be used as a healthier substitute for a hamburger but it is not so. It is a fat-clogged sandwich that packs up to 400 calories and will make you sweat more as well.

10. Dry Fruits: Although dry fruits are very healthy and packed with nutrition, you may want to cut down on the intake in summers as they raise your body temperatures in this sweltering heat.

We understand that a lot of your favorite delicacies are on this list but they’re like a bitter medicine you need to swallow folks. On the brighter side, there are tons of tasty food options that you can hog, such as, juicy fruits, corn on the cob, fresh iced-teas, and delicious gazpacho.

Take care of your health and it will take care of you!

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